Top Twelve Trainers of 2011 – Nike Air Mag 2011

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6. Nike Air Mag 2011

Who saw this coming?  Never has a shoe release caused such a hype around the world.  The greatest shoe never to be released got released.  Well sort of… If you had upward of £2000 you were more than welcome to a pair.

The 8th September saw the first wave of 1500 pairs released via ebay auctions with all proceeds going to help the Michael J Fox Foundation, helping to give back to the man that helped make them a legend.

The hype around these shoes was amazing with only one pair available in the UK at a special auction held in Niketown London.  You’ll be forgiven for not knowing that the shoes were also on display in the store for the week previously, half of the staff didn’t know they were either.

With over $5.6 million dollars raised by the ebay and live auctions and the reprisal of a legendary mythical style there was no way the Nike Air Mag 2011 wasn’t going to get a mention in this list.