Top Twelve Trainers of 2011 – Puma Shadow Society States

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5. Puma Shadow Society States

The 2011 release of the Shadow Society pack was created by a hand-picked team of Puma advocates with the aim of producing limited edition reinventions of classic Puma models.

The first shoe included in the project was the legendary Puma States, which were reworked into a simple two-tone suede colouring, of which the aqua blue pair were our favourite. Causing quite a stir amongst the conspiracy theorists of the trainer world, the Shadow Society pack comes emblazoned with the ‘All-seeing Eye’ Pyramid under the tongue and on the leather lace bag.

Although there is nothing that overtly stands out about the Shadow Society States, the strength of the pack in general, and the blue colourway used on the pair you see here, make the States an easy choice for fifth place in our Top Twelve of 2011.