Top Twelve Trainers of 2011 – Nike Huarache Free Run 2012 QS

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12. Nike Huarache Free Run 2012 QS

The Nike Huarache Free Run is a great example of the hybrid styles that only Nike does so well.  The meeting of the classic Air Huarache upper teamed up with the cutting edge technology of the brand’s Free Run outsole was always going to come off well.  Critics will tell you that the sole doesn’t really look perfect on the upper, and maybe they are right but I don’t think it takes away from the importance this release.

The sole is important as well, with the Free outsole being an ever evolving part of the Nike running and training collections for a few years now and with all other Nike tech they are going to rinse it to the max.  With new Free models just around the corner it’ll be interesting to see how Nike merge the Free sole with more sportswear pieces.  They’ll probably stick it on a Jordan before long…

Most importantly and the best thing about this shoe is that it means the Air Huarache retro is just around the corner.