Top Twelve Trainers of 2011 – adidas Originals x Foot Patrol B-Side Campus

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11. adidas Originals x Foot Patrol B-Side Campus

Back in 2007, when London’s Foot Patrol could still be found at its original location, the guys teamed up with adidas Originals to create a triple pack of Campus 80’s with contrasting snakeskin stripes.

Fast forward to 2011, the first collaboration since the re-opening sees Foot Patrol join forces with adidas once again, to reinvent the Campus 80s paying homage to their first venture four years earlier.

This time around the upper of the Campus featured a darker, marine-navy suede matched perfectly with an off-white, vintage sole. The snakeskin stripes on the inside were traded in for marine/black horse hair with the Foot Patrol gasmask logo stamped on the insole.

Definitely one of the more simplistic designs featured in the list, the Foot Patrol x Adidas Campus 80s takes the number 11 spot in the Everypeoples Top Twelve of 2011.