Top 12 Nike SB Dunk Lows


In 1996 Nike launched their first assault on skateboarding with a strange set of adverts aired on MTV and printed in Rolling Stone. A year later Nike dropped the line and pretended it never happened. A strange failure for the brand as at the time they were heavily subsidizing research and development at Sole Technology (Etnies, eS and Emerica).

In 2001 Nike dipped their toes into skateboarding again with the launch of Savier, a Portland based brand bankrolled by the Swoosh. Unbeknownst to all Nike were planning another attack on skateboarding, this time by investing in people and the industry instead of glossy Rolling Stone spreads, in 2002 Nike Skateboarding was born.

By 2004 Savier had folded and Nike SB signed Paul Rodriguez Jr. for a reported $1,000,000. P-Rod and the rest of the team helped establish the brand within skateboarding and a seemingly unstoppable list of collaborations and unforgettable colour ways cemented the brand within the streetwear world.

Fast forward to 2012 and the next P-Rod signature model is being released without the SB tag. Who knows what the future holds for Nike SB but what we do know is that the last 10 years has seen the brand not only release countless classics but has also shaped modern skateboarding and redefined what it is to be a sneakerhead.

In this list we take a look through the brand's most iconic style, the Dunk Low, and pick out our favourites. Shoes which we hold in high regards and well feel, helped change the course of popular culture forever.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Everypeoples Top 12 Nike SB Dunk Lows 2002-2012.